Thursday, April 7, 2016

New Inspiring Book from Marilyn Ann Deeds

Songs from Marilyn's Heart is a collection of my original songs printed in poetic form. 

The songs are arranged to encourage meditation on Christian precepts common to the Holy Bible and manifested in the lives of Christians.

Beginning in 2000, the songs were revealed. For me it became both a fascinating and mysterious experience.  I would wake up in the middle of the night with new melody and lyrics filling my mind.  They were so predominant and complete that I could not ignore them.  Climbing out of bed and snatching up my mandolin I would record the melody in standard notation.  Then before the song could slip away I would scribble the lyrics on any available scrap of paper.  I soon found that any hesitation of such action would result in the disappearance of the song.  This phenomena would occur sometimes 2 or 3 times a week over a period of 2 1/2 years.  Religiously collecting over 150 songs they soon became a significant part of my bluegrass-gospel repertoire.  Sharing them at campouts and festivals soon grew into a full-time traveling music ministry and the recording and marketing of three CDs.

Now I desire to share some of my songs in this written format for your pleasure and contemplation.   My prayer is that you will grow in your understanding and trust in God as you reflect on the pairing of my words with the words of sacred Scripture. 

Table of Contents

Searching, Seeking, Finding, Redeemed by Christ

                Lost Flock of Sheep                                                                                              
                Bought with the Blood of Christ                 
                Saving Grace                                                      
                I am the Son of Man                                          
                Can You Believe?                                            
                What Can I Do?                                             
                Looking for Something                                    
                Walking Down a Hallway                             
                Desert Dawn                                                       
                He is Risen                                                         

Assurance and Comfort Promised by Christ

                He is My God, I'll not be Shaken                  
                The Lord is My Refuge                                    
                In the Shadow of His Wings                          
                River of Living Water                                      
                God's Answer                                                   
                Painting Pictures                                              

Perseverance Enabled by Christ

                Get Behind Me Satan                                      
                Grandma's Garden                                           
                Be My Lamp Lord                                            
                I'll Climb that Mountain                                
                Somewhere Between Here and Heaven     
                Rejoice in the Good Times                              
                Trust and Obey                                          

To Worship and Serve Christ

                 Come Worship the Lord                                  
                 To Be His Servant                                              
                 Cracking Peanuts                                              
                 You've Got to Love Him                                  
                 Faith, Hope and Charity                                 
                 You've Got to Give                                            
                 Good Deeds are Contagious                          
                 It's All About Him                                             
                 Thank You, God                                                

Heaven, the Reward from Christ

                  Take Time to Taste Heaven                            
                  Somebody's Lifting Me Up Today                
                  Farewell to Spring                                             
                  God's One and Only Son    


This is a sample from the book:


Looking for Something

Oh, I'm looking for something; it may be green pastures.
I'm looking for something; it may be true love.
I’m looking for something but I don’t know where to find it.
I’m looking for something to fill up my heart.

Now I've searched the world over for riches and pleasures;
I’ve been to the east and I've been to the west.
I’ve met with kings; seen mansions and palaces;
But still I am looking to fill up my heart.

I’ve read every book looking for the answers;
I’ve studied the wisdom of those gone before.
I’ve received all my letters, rewards and my badges,
But still I am looking to fill up my heart.

Now I have found something! It isn’t green pastures.
I have found something; not an earthly reward.
Jesus has found me; He fills me with His spirit;
Now I have found something to fill up my heart!